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The complete servicing solution for today, tomorrow and the future.

Businesses now not only use old and just stand-alone machine. They have integrated and latest systems that are designed to answer their entire specific requirements and all these require regular services and proper plan maintenance.

At D’Aquarian Services, we install, integrate and maintain the latest technology and creative thinking to provide complete solution to a wide range of electronic requirement. From simple electronic applications to sophisticated turnkey system, we have a clear vision of how innovative and proven technologies can be combined to full-fill the fast evolving needs of our clients.

Our reliable team of technical, planning and marketing experts, added to our solid association with leading global manufactures of electronic equipment, enables us to provide complete solution integrating all of our clients` needs.

We also support our clients in providing corrective and preventive maintenance in maintaining their old and new equipments and system.

Let us be your family/company doctor for your electronic equipment systems.
The Beginning

From the supplying of naval radar, identification friend or foe and other naval and military equipment’s, system and products, to the installation, testing and commissioning of projects, D’Aquarian Services is a complete system integrator and service provider.

Incorporated in Malaysia in 1996. Our principle activities are supplying and maintenance of Military and Commercial Radar, Communication and Electronic  Equipment and Systems. We are wholly owned BUMIPUTERA (100%) company registered with Ministry Of Finance Malaysia, Ministry Of Defence Malaysia, other Authorized Agencies in Malaysia and commercial shipping.

With that DASSB has equipped itself with highly trained and experienced personnel and sophisticated test equipment’s to meet the needs. Beside the technical experience, most of our engineers and technician are from the Royal Malaysian Navy, which have been specialised trained locally and abroad. This enables us to solve real problems in communications, radar, electronics, and navigational air equipment’s promptly and with full discipline and dedication.

Up to now we have proven our capabilities in Supporting Royal Malaysian Navy up to 95% in line with Malaysian Defence Industry aspiration to be Self Reliance. Scope of work includes Supplying, Delivering, Dismantling, Installation, Servicing, Maintenance, Integration, Overhauling, Trials, Commissioning and Training.

We are the exclusive agent for Kelvin Hughes (KH) for Navigation Radar, ECDIS and Park Air Electronics (PAE) for V/UHF Radio. In Malaysia Defence Industry Working Group (Marine), we are leading in Navigation Cluster and will be self reliance in MRO in the future. We are always ready to serve our customer in Marine Navigation and Communication industries.

And Now

Today, D’Aquarian Services has become a renowned servicing and supplying company for the naval and commercial communications, radar, navigational aids and electronics equipment’s, system and products. D’Aquarian Services has achieved an  impressive record of success in the implementation of small to medium scale projects, down to their installation, integrations and interfacing, testing, setting-to-work, and commissioning as well as defects rectification. As a system integrator, we offer solutions, professional services and state- of-the-art equipment to answer the needs of our client, ranging from individuals to corporation and operating locally and internationally.

Our Mission

To equip and prove ourselves in every challenges, to provide the best service and support for the Malaysian Electronic Servicing Industry.

Our Vision

To be a leading electronic company in the term of providing professional service and support for Malaysian Defence Industry. To be system integrator and developer in future.

Line of Products

Communication Equipments
Broadcasting System
Vessel Traffic Service & Coastal Surveillance
Breathing Apparatus
Fire Detention System

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D’Aquarian Services owns a well-equipped repair and services centre with well-trained experienced engineers and technicians capable of repairing and servicing telecommunication and electronics equipments for military and commercial sector.

Well-stocked store with adequate spares and support equipment to back-up repair/services centre and logistic activities.

Comprehensive range of Tools, test Equipment’s and accessories to undertake the Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Repair works especially Radar and Telecommunication/equipment’s.

Radar department fully equipped  with test bench.

Electronic Workshop.

Mechanical Workshop.


Apart from administration, marketing and logistic, the company lies in its well-trained and very experienced Engineers and Technicians, of whom had previous employment in the Royal Malaysian navy with vast experience and knowledge of missile and weapon system, communication, system integration , radar and electronic equipment’s for the past 20 years and also experience on various projects on the commercial sectors.


The Electronics Industry is giving new technology day by day and the world is experiencing a rapid change in the electronics industry while engineering departments and manufacturing operations regularly replace old technology and process with new, more-efficient, higher-quality methods, service continues to cope with the old and the new simultaneously.


At the same time, relatively high relatively high reliability of electronic products means that older technology remains in service well beyond the point at which the factory stops manufacturing the products. Not to mention change in manufacturing technology, from through-hole to surface-mount.

At D’Aquarian Services, we are here to support and service this rapid change in the Electronic Industry. We have the expertise and backup by special equipment’s and tools to reengineer and repair PCBs up to component level. Thus in do so, support our customers in:

  • Reducing maintenance costs.
  • Minimise equipment down time.
  • Reduce stock holding.
Our specialist in term of service also includes:
  • Installation, Integration, Interfacing, Setting to Work, Commissioning, Harbour and Sea Acceptance Trials and rectification job as well as maintaining of Naval and commercial radar equipment’s and system especially of KELVIN HUGHES products.
  • Installation, Integration, Interfacing, Setting to Work, Commissioning, Harbour and Sea Acceptance Trials and rectification job as well as maintaining of Naval and commercial communications equipment’s and system including external and internal communication systems.
  • Installation, Integration, Interfacing, Setting to Work, Commissioning, Harbour and Sea Acceptance Trials and rectification job as well as maintaining of Naval and commercial Navigational aid equipment’s and system like gyro, speed log and GPS.
  • Installation, Integration, Interfacing, Setting to Work, Commissioning, Harbour and Sea Acceptance Trials and rectification job as well as maintaining of Naval and commercial electronic equipment’s and system.
  • Our workshop is equipped to repair PCBs up to components level.
  • Upgrading and re-engineering of existing electronics equipment’s and system.

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